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Body Contouring 101: Abdomen Edition

Body Contouring 101: Abdomen EditionOne of the most popular areas for body contouring and shaping is the abdominal area, including surrounding areas such as the flanks. The flanks, or sides, are one of the most popular areas of contouring for both men and women.

Fat tends to naturally accumulate there, and in women, it’s often referred to as a “muffin top.” When it’s found on men, it’s known as “love handles.” Whatever you call them, they’re not very well received, and no one really likes having them.

Fortunately, if you want to have body shaping and contouring done in the abdomen area, but you don’t want to undergo surgery or liposuction, there are a number of non-surgical options available.


SculpSure® treatments involve the use of laser energy directed into the fatty tissue. The energy breaks down the outer membrane of the fat cells, allowing the contents to be naturally absorbed, processed and eliminated by the body.

SculpSure® is designed for use on the abdomen and flank areas of the body. It’s effective in other areas as well, and multiple areas can be done in a single session.


Another body shaping technique specialized for the abdomen is TightLase™. This procedure uses a dual-wavelength laser to not only eliminate the fat cells but to also trigger the natural production of collagen. This improves the structure of the skin, causing a tightening effect on the skin that may be loose or sagging.

For optimal results, it might be recommended you have several sessions of TightLase™ treatments, typically three to five.

TruSculpt iD®

TruSculpt iD® is a recent newcomer to the body contouring arena but is revolutionizing the industry. Using RF (radiofrequency) energy, it can treat the entire abdomen in about 15 minutes. You can also treat multiple areas in a single session.

By treating the entire fat layer, TruSculpt iD® is able, on average, to produce a fat reduction of about 24%. It also works to tighten the skin by increasing collagen production in the body.

Mommy Makeover

Any woman who’s ever had a baby can attest to the changes the body undergoes during and after pregnancy. A mommy makeover helps restore a mom’s confidence by helping to return, as much as possible, her body back to its pre-baby shape.

Typically, a mommy makeover includes a combination of procedures and treatments, all done at the same time, with the singular goal of making mom feel better about her body. During an initial consultation, she works together with the doctor to create a personalized plan to help her reclaim the body she once had.

Something to Keep in Mind

None of the procedures discussed here are intended for treating obesity. Ideal candidates should be at their goal weight or close to it, usually within 20 or 30 pounds.

Your long-term results are contingent on you maintaining your weight. The remaining fat cells left behind can still expand and cause weight gain if you don’t maintain healthy eating habits.

These non-surgical methods of fat reduction have very few if any side effects for the majority of patients. Little or no downtime is needed, and unlike surgical methods, there is no general anesthesia involved and no incisions, sutures or scars.