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Meet Our Staff

Our Front Office Staff

We focus on the needs of our patients and strive to maintain a high standard of excellence by offering quality care. Our front office staff regularly receives in-service training and attends meetings outside the office to ensure we offer the most up-to-date information on today’s healthcare issues. We represent over 20 years of experience in customer relations. It’s our goal to make each visit a stress-free experience for all patients. We consider it a privilege to serve your dermatology needs!

Our Medical Staff

Our staff consists of devoted and competent medical professionals who have been trained in laser hair removal treatments, non-ablative laser treatments, IPL treatments, microdermabrasion, wound care, chemical peels, Levulan Blue Light treatment for acne and pre-cancers, and PRP treatments for hair loss. These procedures are done under the direct supervision of Dr. Hopkins, who evaluates the patient initially, establishes the treatment plan, and monitors treatment response. Knowledge, kindness, and competence drive our staff to perform at the highest level every day. Equipped with comprehensive training, they assist Dr. Hopkins in routine office follow-ups, in-office surgery, and cosmetic procedures.

Our Aestheticians

As an extension of Hopkins Dermatology, MD Minerals Spa has your comfort, relaxation, and overall skin health in mind. Our main focus is to continually provide premium treatments that utilize Dr. Hopkins’ customized medical skin care plan, as well as showcase the “craft” of customized spa rituals. We’re excited to offer a completely refreshed menu of spa treatments and services developed by our in-house experts. These treatments are inspired by our expert analysis of what products and services would benefit each patient. We’re here to create and help you select the treatments that are right for you.