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Patient Portal & Forms

Download & print the Patient Form using the link below: Please bring the completed form into the office with you, OR you may complete these forms when you arrive at the office.

If you are a new user and have not yet created an account, please click the “Create one here” link at the bottom of the initial login screen which will guide you through the process.

You can either register using your email address that you provided to our office, or you can register by creating a username and entering the security code provided to you by our office.

Hopkins Dermatology






Hopkins Dermatology

If registering using your email address…

You will need to enter your email address (the same one you provided to our office when making your appointment), your first name and last name (same as the one listed on your insurance card), and your date of birth. You will receive a confirmation email and a separate email with your “safe health code.” Once you enter the safe health code and connect, you will see your dashboard for the MyPatientVisit site.

If registering using a username and security code…

You will create your own username, password, and enter your first name and last name (same as the one listed on your insurance card). You will then create three security questions/answers. Lastly, you will enter the security code provided to you from our office and connect to see your dashboard for the MyPatientVisit site.

On the dashboard for MyPatientVisit, you will have options at the top under the “myInfo” section, which will allow you to update your demographics and insurance information:

  • “myVisits” allows you to enter your medical history in forms or access a clinical summary from a previous visit.
  • “myMessages” allows you to send a secure message to our office.
  • “myAccount” allows you to link other family members’ accounts together -or- to link with another medical office using MyPatientVisit.

Ready to go! Please click MyPatientVisit to get started!

*Digital recordings by handheld devices such as smartphones are prohibited on the premises in order to protect the privacy of other patients and staff in compliance with federal and state privacy laws.