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Body Contouring 101: Flank Edition

Body Contouring 101: Flank EditionWhen you see the word “flank.” many people think of beef, as in “flank steak.” But when we say the word flank here, we’re simply referring to the side of the torso. The flank area covers the side of the body from just beneath the rib cage to just above the hip bone.

It’s an area prone to excess fat accumulation. When it happens to men, it’s often referred to as “love handles.” In women, it’s commonly called “muffin top.” This area can be extremely resistant to diet and exercise and is frequently a cause of great frustration to the ones doing the dieting and exercising.

Thankfully, there are options available to reduce the fatty flank areas that don’t rely on diet or exercise to work. Body contouring procedures are able to eliminate the fat cells in those areas of the body that are seemingly unaffected by healthy eating and consistent exercise.

Gone are the days when liposuction or surgery was the only option. Thanks to advancements in technology, body shaping and contouring today can be done with any number of different nonsurgical, non-invasive procedures.


TightLase™ treatment involves using laser energy directed into fatty tissue to destroy the fat cells. It can be used all over the flank area. The heat produced by the laser also stimulates the body’s natural collagen production. This causes any loose or saggy skin to naturally tighten up. With TightLase™ sessions, there’s no downtime needed, and each treatment can be customized to your individual needs.


TightSculpting® is another procedure that provides both fat reduction and skin tightening. Laser energy is delivered to the fat cells, damaging their structure and releasing the contents so the body is able to absorb them. They are then processed and eliminated from the body.

TightSculpting® has been shown to be extremely effective in removing stubborn fat and tightening loose skin, particularly in the waist area, including the flanks.


Another noninvasive laser treatment is SculpSure®. This procedure was designed specifically for the abdominal and flank areas of the torso. Fat cell destruction occurs in the same manner as other treatments, destroying the outer membrane of the fat cell, causing death.

SculpSure® treatments are very brief, with each session lasting less than half an hour. If desired, multiple areas can be treated within a single session. Each SculpSure® treatment will typically reduce fat in a given area up to 24%.

TruSculpt iD®

TruSculpt iD® is one of the newer treatments available for reducing the flank area. It uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to heat the whole fat layer while leaving the skin surface cool. The feeling has been compared to that of a hot stone massage.

Noticeable results can be seen as early as four weeks later with maximum results appearing up to 12 weeks following the treatment. Results are delayed because of the time needed for the body to process and eliminate the destroyed fat cells.

A Final Thought

With so many choices available, it’s wise to consult with your doctor for advice and suggestions on which procedure is best suited for your unique situation.

For any body shaping and contouring procedure to be effective, it’s best to be at your ideal weight or at least close to it, within 20 to 30 pounds.