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What Monroe Residents Should Know About Photodynamic Therapy

Do you have skin cancer? Are you in need of a treatment plan that destroys precancerous cells? Dr. Janine Hopkins at Hopkins Dermatology in Monroe, Louisiana, offers photodynamic therapy, a treatment designed to attack precancerous and cancerous cells in your skin. 

Do You Have a History of Skin Cancer and Precancerous Skin Lesions?

Photodynamic therapy is the transfer of specialized light energy and photosensitizing medications. These medications are applied topically and then activated by light energy that is transferred through the treatment process. 

Photodynamic therapy is a less-used technique but has been highly effective in treating skin cancer and precancerous lesions. It also has many benefits compared to other alternatives such as surgery. 

What are the Benefits of Photodynamic Therapy? 

At Hopkins Dermatology, Dr. Hopkins suggests that these are some of the key benefits of photodynamic therapy: 

  • Precise targeting
  • Outpatient procedure that can be performed in relatively little time
  • Minimal side effects
  • More affordable
  • Can be repeated as needed
  • Minimal scarring
  • Minimally invasive

You can expect photodynamic therapy to be administered topically to the affected areas of the skin. The cancer and precancerous cells will then absorb the medication. After a specialized light is applied over the area, the medication is activated and the treatment of the abnormal cells begins. After this photodynamic therapy, your immune system will take over to continue the treatment process. 

How Can I Receive Photodynamic Therapy? 

Each patient’s photodynamic therapy treatment is unique. A consultation with Dr. Hopkins will provide the best course of action. Additionally, your doctor will monitor the progress to ensure successful treatment and monitor for new or changing lesions in the future.

If you have skin cancer and this treatment sounds appealing to you, you can contact Dr. Hopkins in Monroe, Louisiana at Hopkins Dermatology. Begin your treatment for skin cancer today and take comfort in knowing that Dr. Hopkins is a board-certified dermatologist.