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Body Contouring 101: Thigh Edition

Body Contouring 101: Thigh EditionIt’s a fact of life. Women are more prone than men to carry weight in their lower body, especially the buttocks, hips and thighs. By the time a woman is 25, even at a healthy weight, she’ll carry nearly twice as much body fat as a healthy-weight male of the same age.

To add insult to injury, the fat that accumulates on the lower body, specifically the hips, thighs and buttocks, will almost surely show up as cellulite at some point. No wonder women are so anxious to do whatever it takes to get rid of excess fat in those areas.

Sadly, sometimes it doesn’t seem to matter how hard you work to get rid of the excess fat on the thighs, whether it’s overall fat, inner thigh fat, or the fat on the outside of the thighs, often called saddlebags. Despite your best efforts, it’s still there.

Thank goodness for technology. There are now numerous options for getting rid of excess fat in specific, targeted areas of the body that diet and exercise have failed to eliminate. These nonsurgical procedures are extremely effective at getting rid of stubborn fat pockets all over the body, but some treatments are better suited for certain areas, like the thighs, than others.

TruSculpt® iD

One of the latest additions to the family of body sculpting treatments, TruSculpt® iD can eliminate up to 24% of the fat in targeted thigh areas. That can typically be accomplished in a single 15-minute session.

What sets TruSculpt® iD apart from many of the other procedures is the type of energy it uses to accomplish fat destruction. Many of the other methods use laser energy, while TruSculpt® iD uses radiofrequency (RF) energy.


SculpSure® treatments offer similar results for reducing thigh fat. There is no downtime required and very little pain or discomfort associated with the procedure. Results of the SculpSure® treatment may take up to about six weeks to be noticeable, as the body needs time to process and eliminate the destroyed fat cells.


TightSculpting® was specially designed to treat specific, sometimes difficult to treat areas of the body, including the inner thighs. One particular benefit to note about a TightSculpting® treatment; in addition to killing off the fat cells, it simultaneously triggers the body’s natural production of collagen.

This means any sagging or loose skin left behind after the fat has been removed, will naturally tighten over time. This is a huge benefit, particularly in the inner thigh region, where loose skin could certainly be unsightly.

Final Thoughts

Although body contouring and shaping can help you eliminate fat from certain areas of your body, there is a limit on the amount of fat you actually lose. These procedures are not intended to treat obesity issues.

For optimum results, you should be no more than 20 to 30 pounds over your ideal weight for your height and body type.

It’s important to schedule a consultation before making up your mind about which procedure you want to have done. Your doctor will take into account your past medical history and the aesthetic goals you’re trying to reach.

A doctor experienced in body contouring techniques will be able to guide you in determining the procedure or combination of procedures best suited for your unique needs.